Home Exterior Modifications and Re-Roofing


Being a homeowner means big responsibilities and damage prevention, not up keeping a home can lead to expensive repair costs that are unforeseen. Tell tale signs appear all over the place and in today’s article we will be referencing residential roofs and insulation on your home. Now A couple of major factors as to why you want to really undergo periodic checkups on your household roof is because problems sneak up on homeowners and slowly get worse and worse over time.

Anytime after a hail storm we advise individuals to inspect their roofs for damage, hail can damage roofing shingles, eaves-troughs and other important parts of your roof, in most cases basic homeowners insurance covers these damages that incur and they label them as acts of god, they don’t increase your premium you owe. If you don’t feel like crawling up on-top of your house to inspect your asphalt shingles for damage we recommend calling a roofing contractor that can easily come out and give you a second opinion.

Your roofing contractor will also be able to identify problems like damaged flashing and algae growth, if any of these things start to appear! Your roof is likely in need of repair, Hail is a gateway to problems that will grow almost invisibly underneath your shingles. It is important to keep all aspects of your roof dry and also ensure insulation is always dry.

Be sure to check all of the following aspects of your roof and make sure that things are staying in tip top condition. As stated if you don’t maintain your roof you will run into issues down the road that could potentially be much more costly than dealing with a small problem when it initially occurs.

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