New Home Purchases In Canada


If you are a new home buyer than this article we have composed may be of use to you. Firstly we come from a background of the real estate market in western Canada. Regardless of the type of home you want: whether a single family or multi-family, townhouse, or a condo, they all have the advantages and disadvantages.

Most of the time the biggest concerns will be associated with location and budget as purchasing a home is most of the time the heaviest weighted investment you will make in your life you should weigh all of your options. A couple questions we always ask individuals is what is it that calls your attention for your ideal house?

You should list down all the features that you prefer the house to have, because it is a huge investment you are making and no errors are allowed.

Consider the amount of mortgage you are going to absorb, 90% of current Canadians purchase homes on a mortgage and selecting the most appropriate model for your lifestyle is important. This includes amortization, payments, interest rates and insurance so please take all of these variables into consideration. This is important because when you are shopping for a home you could potentially choose a home that is higher priced and lenders in some cases will offer you different rates based off of the actual home information. Another thing to keep in mind is you should find out what is the rate of property taxes around where you want to buy the house, how much it will cost to refurnish the house all of these things come into play when your developing a budget. This is to help you know how much to spend as well as how much need to raise and or save in order to actually take the plunge and purchase the home. When looking for a house, it is better to contact a real estate agent. We always recommend pursuing a real estate agent as their job is to generate leads and show them to you, it takes the backwork out of having to constantly search for properties. Some realtors can actually even automate the system and put you on a automatic email list that searches for properties that are relevant to you needs. These variables could be type of residence, cost, neighborhood etc.  The agent will no doubt be of assistance in looking for a house that suits you and your budget. He or she will give you a hand in the negotiation of the house and even getting all the paper work done.

We have attached a couple real estate agencies below that really offer in depth services in the western Canada area, feel free to check them out! Please comment on our blog below, we are always looking for feedback on our articles as well as areas of improvement.

Ontop of the actual brokerages that we have listed above we also recommend all new buyers to check out MLS or this is one of the most advanced search tools for real estate shopping, you can input all of your variable and easily search for content.

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