Exterior Home improvement with Landscaping


On Today’s article regarding home improvement we are doing a feature on gardening and how very simple landscaping modifications can improve the value of your home as well over all appearance. Roses add a splash of color to any backyard, but they must be planted and tended to with care. In choosing the type of rose to plant, you must primarily consider what will grow well in your region based on climate and soil quality. Next, you can think about rose characteristics such as shape, size, and color that you find appealing. Once you’ve chosen a good variety of rose, pick an area of your backyard that gets about six hours of sunlight every day, and that has loose soil with plenty of drainage. This means that the ground won’t become over-saturated and also isn’t too dry. The area also shouldn’t be too crowded with the roots of other plants or shrubs.
Once you’ve picked an appropriate variety you need to choose a sunlit location that will provide heat to the plant for a large amount of the day! Plants do not like shade! Next you need to appropriately calculate how much water the plant will receive. Too much water is not a good thing, too little is choking the plant. Next you need to dig an approximately 18 inch by 18 inch hole, which should be large enough for most plants. If you’re planting multiple bushes, dig the holes at least 18 inches apart to give the plants’ roots enough room to grow. Mix the dirt with fertilizer, place the plant in the hole, and back-fill the hole around the plant. The union of the rose buds should sit about two inches below the surface of the dirt to keep the rose plant from being affected by frost. Continue to regularly water, fertilize, and prune the plants, and enjoy the natural beauty of your roses!

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Landscaping For Relaxation In your Own Sanctuary


A backyard should be a place you can escape from the confines of indoors, somewhere your kids can play safely, your pets can run free, and you can entertain friends and family well into the evening.

Even a front yard should be an inviting landscape, welcoming people to your home. Whether you’re designing your gardens for the first time or revamping an old look, start off your landscaping with a functional idea of how you want your yard to look. We always suggest brainstorming or picking up a gardening magazine at your local book store, brainstorm and try to really put all of the pieces together before you start planting away. Do you need open areas for kids and pets to roam, dense borders with lots of room for plants, flowers, and shrubs, or a modern patio area with outdoor kitchen to entertain guests? Study the lay of the land of to figure out how your yard will “flow” best with the different elements of your ideas. Your landscaping should have a focal point, such as a large tree, a decorative winding path, or a bordered patio where you can gather with friends. Draw a plan for your landscaping goals, with your other ideas and must-haves designed around the focal point.
Once you’ve got a solid landscaping design, break your plan down into achievable projects. If building a new deck seems like an insurmountable task right now, then start smaller by creating your yard’s borders first. However, be aware that you’ll be more likely to stay within your overall budget by buying building and gardening products in bulk, so try to buy all your materials at once even if you’ll be separating your tasks. And, don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help when it comes to the more labor-intensive aspects of landscaping, including building your fence, moving rocks, and planting trees. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing on your new patio, bordered by beautiful ornamental plants, while your kids play safely in a sheltered backyard.

Anytime you take on a renovation project you are going to be absorbing a large amount of work, In the coming months we will be releasing more information and tips and tricks for gardening. We also have a youtube channel in the works that will be providing all of our subscribers detailed information about how to plant, spice up your backyard as well as perform home renovations efficiently and correctly.

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