How to Select the Correct Flooring For Your home


If you are carrying out renovations to your property, one of the options you could consider is changing your flooring. Although traditional carpeting has some advantages, there are also many benefits to installing hardwood flooring in your home, from ease of maintenance to eradication of allergens, it’s easy to see why hardwood flooring is becoming a popular choice. But how do you choose the right hardwood for your home?

Board Widths
There are several choices here, from narrow strips and wide planks to parquet squares and rectangles. If you opt for wide planks you can create a rustic feel, while narrow strips feel more contemporary and give the illusion of space. Parquet floors look elegant and stylish in formal contexts.

Types Of Wood
There are several wood varieties to choose from. If you are looking for a durable flooring, oak, maple or cherry are all good choices, while mahogany and Brazilian cherry have a particularly attractive appearance. There is also a great range of colors to pick from, from very pale blonds to the darkest blacks, so you can choose a shade that complements your decor.

In our experience Lowes Canada is one of the leaders in providing a diverse collection of types of flooring, you can check out This article really highlights in depth a variety of types of flooring as well as information about each type of floor surface.

All hardwood flooring has a different texture. Some have shiny, new looking surfaces while others have a distressed, antique feel. You can buy a new floor that looks traditional and authentic as it has been hand-scraped by the manufacturer.

If you are looking for a very durable floor suited to the needs of family life, one of the hardest woods would be the best option. Red oak is a great choice as it can be repaired if damaged. Any scratches or dents can simply be sanded out and the floor refinished to look as good as new.

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Home Renovation Checklist For Homeowners


Home Renovations often start from the kitchen. After all this is probably the most important used room in a household, whether your home is an older floor plan from the early 70 or a new open concept design, the kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms and most used rooms in a household. If you plan to completely remodel your kitchen to the core, you will need to know how to carry on the construction. These construction tips will help you to check out the things which are important while upgrading your kitchen.

Firstly we always recommend individuals to contact someone of professional abilities prior to taking on a project like this, accident and mistakes can happen that can cost thousands of dollars if not done correctly. This includes the cost of a plumbing or water line break, electrical fires etc.  Please contact a professional prior to starting working on any home and also please acquire all of the needed permits in order to complete the work! A project without the correct forms can lead to extra costs and potentially have to reverse changes and or modifications made to you home.

1.Countertops: You have a host of options in this segment and it all depends on what kind of look you want. Granite is the in thing now but you may want something different. People who are more on the carnivorous side and would like their kitchen to portray that might go in for a butchers block. If you want to give it a rugged look concrete countertops are your thing. Granite is a bit costlier as compared to others but sniff around for some deals and you’ll get a bargain.

2.Tiles: They can be of varied price range depending on the type. But with a bit of intelligent usage of both expensive and non expensive tiles your kitchen can look like a million bucks. Ceratec is a company based out of Arizona that builds everything from custom floor tiles to standard 6×6 square tiles. If you have a chance check out the diverse collection of tiles at the website below as they are very well versed in the manufacturing process.

Tiles also come in a variety of different colors and selecting the correct color for your surroundings is also a very important aspect of home renovations, choose a color of tile that compliments appliances, wall colors as well as the overall design of the kitchen.

3.Appliances: Well, you can go for all the fancy gadgets on offer and make your kitchen look like a super cool place out of a magazine but it is highly recommended that you buy according to your needs only. Saves money, saves time. Appliances are another huge purchase that needs to be made when you are considering revamping a kitchen however the correct appliances can really benefit your overall cooking experience, take the time to explore the options available and various brands. Perhaps you are considering going with a gas stove over an electric, in the cooking world these are huge things to look at and explore. Panasonic is a manufacturer that has been around for decades and they are a leader in generating electronics as well as appliances we always recommend exploring all options Miele is another company that manufactures high quality cook tops, microwaves and fridges. We have attached links below to both manufacturers websites for further exploration into brands that currently offer kitchen appliances.

Upgrading your home and kitchen is a simple process you just need to do your research and jump through the appropriate hoops in order to have the job completed properly.

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Exterior Home improvement with Landscaping


On Today’s article regarding home improvement we are doing a feature on gardening and how very simple landscaping modifications can improve the value of your home as well over all appearance. Roses add a splash of color to any backyard, but they must be planted and tended to with care. In choosing the type of rose to plant, you must primarily consider what will grow well in your region based on climate and soil quality. Next, you can think about rose characteristics such as shape, size, and color that you find appealing. Once you’ve chosen a good variety of rose, pick an area of your backyard that gets about six hours of sunlight every day, and that has loose soil with plenty of drainage. This means that the ground won’t become over-saturated and also isn’t too dry. The area also shouldn’t be too crowded with the roots of other plants or shrubs.
Once you’ve picked an appropriate variety you need to choose a sunlit location that will provide heat to the plant for a large amount of the day! Plants do not like shade! Next you need to appropriately calculate how much water the plant will receive. Too much water is not a good thing, too little is choking the plant. Next you need to dig an approximately 18 inch by 18 inch hole, which should be large enough for most plants. If you’re planting multiple bushes, dig the holes at least 18 inches apart to give the plants’ roots enough room to grow. Mix the dirt with fertilizer, place the plant in the hole, and back-fill the hole around the plant. The union of the rose buds should sit about two inches below the surface of the dirt to keep the rose plant from being affected by frost. Continue to regularly water, fertilize, and prune the plants, and enjoy the natural beauty of your roses!

Here at Motivated by Theory we like to explore all types of home renovations, home exploration and improvement, if you have an article you would like to share with our team or want our team to write an article on a relevant topic please send it to us. We are a team that is passionate about design, interior design, construction as well as interior modification.

Check out this website for more daily updates and information on gardening!

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Home Exterior Modifications and Re-Roofing


Being a homeowner means big responsibilities and damage prevention, not up keeping a home can lead to expensive repair costs that are unforeseen. Tell tale signs appear all over the place and in today’s article we will be referencing residential roofs and insulation on your home. Now A couple of major factors as to why you want to really undergo periodic checkups on your household roof is because problems sneak up on homeowners and slowly get worse and worse over time.

Anytime after a hail storm we advise individuals to inspect their roofs for damage, hail can damage roofing shingles, eaves-troughs and other important parts of your roof, in most cases basic homeowners insurance covers these damages that incur and they label them as acts of god, they don’t increase your premium you owe. If you don’t feel like crawling up on-top of your house to inspect your asphalt shingles for damage we recommend calling a roofing contractor that can easily come out and give you a second opinion.

Your roofing contractor will also be able to identify problems like damaged flashing and algae growth, if any of these things start to appear! Your roof is likely in need of repair, Hail is a gateway to problems that will grow almost invisibly underneath your shingles. It is important to keep all aspects of your roof dry and also ensure insulation is always dry.

Be sure to check all of the following aspects of your roof and make sure that things are staying in tip top condition. As stated if you don’t maintain your roof you will run into issues down the road that could potentially be much more costly than dealing with a small problem when it initially occurs.

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